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How to perform Border correction in Image processing ?

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rahul verma
rahul verma on 24 Mar 2017
Edited: rahul verma on 24 Mar 2017
But still i am not clear with - How can i do Border correction, to include some nodule which belong to lung boundary, but they are moved in background and subtracted, and even if they got correctly segmented image but border is not correctly included, it needed some kind of border correction, please help me how can i do border correction like Adaptive border marching i have added images. for better explanation of my query here is the paper which does this job but i am not getting how to implement this.
paper -
image from paper fig2 -
I did these steps and do some my stuffs I got the following. - by managing the disk size,
i got this, but still there are lots of unwanted boundry are there,
how can i process on boundary to reduce over and under segmentation,
will any one please help me on this.
Here is the input image, that i am using.
At the end what i wanted is some kind of the Border correction like, Adaptive border marching, i attached the link of paper.
thanks in Advanced...


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