How can I write a matlab script for median filter in temporal domain?

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Bibhu Prasad  Das
Bibhu Prasad Das on 24 Mar 2017
Answered: Image Analyst on 25 Mar 2017
I want to implement median filter on my results, I used to the predefined function "medfilt2" in matlab but it is not showing any better results so far, and I also don't understand it works in spatial domain or temporal domain.

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dpb on 24 Mar 2017
Results of any filtering operation are totally dependent upon the suitability of the chosen filter for the purpose and the data.
The domain to which medfilt1/2 are applied is dependent upon the domain of the input; it doesn't care, it just operates on the input given.
dpb on 25 Mar 2017
No idea what you're trying to ask here; medfilt1/2 implements the median filter for either 1D or 2D arrays; what else is there to do?
Whether it works or not has more (everything, actually) to do with the data and what one is trying to do than does the actual computation itself.
At least medfilt1 is just an m-file (I don't have the 2D version but presume it is as well); you can look at the TMW implementation. It just boils down to a loop, though, that works thru the total vector in pieces computing the median for the selected filter size--no magic there at all.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Mar 2017
Simply use medfilt1() in the Signal Processing Toolbox. It does not care what units the elements are in - time or distance - to medfilt1(), they're simply elements and the units don't matter. Example code is given in the help for medfilt1.

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