I'm trying to find MSE between two images using immse(A, B), but i have an Error using immse (line 38) A and B must have the same size. please i put the code and i need a help, how to make B the same size of A?

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Ahmad Yahya
Ahmad Yahya on 28 Mar 2017
clc; close all; Imagein_G1 = imread('C:\Users\ahmadjalal2013\Desktop\Thesis_Images\Samples\1.tif'); Imagein_G2 = imread('C:\Users\ahmadjalal2013\Desktop\Thesis_Images\Samples\2.tif'); Imagein_G3 = imread('C:\Users\ahmadjalal2013\Desktop\Thesis_Images\Samples\3.tif'); Imagein_G4 = imread('C:\Users\ahmadjalal2013\Desktop\Thesis_Images\Samples\4.tif');
srcFiles = dir('C:\Users\ahmadjalal2013\Desktop\Thesis_Images\G1\*.tif'); % the folder in which our images exists of Group1 G1_MSE_Percents = zeros; % initialize your matrix/vector G1_CORR_Percents = zeros; % initialize your matrix/vector for i = 1 : length(srcFiles) filename = strcat('C:\Users\ahmadjalal2013\Desktop\Thesis_Images\G1\',srcFiles(i).name); I = imread(filename);
A = rgb2gray(Imagein_G1);
B = I;
x = imbinarize(A);
y = imbinarize(B);
G1_MSE_Percents(i) = immse(Imagein_G1, B); % (( Here is the Error using immse (line 38)
A and B must have the same size. ))
G1_CORR_Percents(i) = corr2(x,y);

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