How can I combine two categorical columns of a tall table?

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I have a tall table with two categorical columns -- for example:
tx = tall(table(categorical({'a';'b';'b';'b'}), categorical({'x';'x';'y';'y'})));
and I want to create a new column that combines those columns.
For regular tables, I would write:
tx.Var3 = categorical(string(tx.Var1) + " " + string(tx.Var2))
However, this doesn't work with tall tables, since the method doesn't support tall arrays.
Is there a good way to create this combined column without gathering all the data?

Answers (1)

Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 29 Mar 2017
You can use join, like so:
join([string(tx.Var1), string(tx.Var2)])

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