Error starting desktop r2017a on mac os Sierra (Solved)

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Unable to launch MATLAB. The problem first happened after a crash on my former r2015b. I uninstalled it and reinstalled r2017a, updated java (1.8) and OS (mac Sierra 10.12.4), deleted some old history and preference files created by MATLAB, but the problem still exist. Everytime I try to open MATLAB, this error page shows up:
Can anyone please help me with this problem? Thanks a lot!
This problem is solved after I moved some folders to other locations. All of them have or include paths that I have added to MATLAB recently. Could be some path conflicts, but I am not sure about the exact reason.
Jun on 12 Apr 2017
Did you install Chinese Input Method into a MacBook Pro (2016) with Japanese Keyboard Layout.

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Answers (2)

Varun Gunda
Varun Gunda on 3 Apr 2017
Remove your preferences directory so MATLAB will recreate it when you launch MATLAB:
Open the Finder, the blue face on the dock In Finder, click on the “Go” menu and select “Go to Folder” Go to this folder: ~/.matlab Locate the folder that corresponds to your MATLAB version and rename it. For example, rename “R2016b” to “R2016b_old”. Do not delete any folders that contain the word licenses in the folder name, e.g. R2016b_licenses. These folders contain important license information. Once the folder has been renamed, try starting MATLAB.

Jun on 7 Apr 2017
Edited: Jun on 12 Apr 2017
I think I find something useful for fixing the bug.
This bug was caused by Chinese Input Method. I installed Chinese Input Method into a MacBook Pro (2016) with Japanese Keyboard Layout. After running a script, if I clicked command window immediately under Chinese Input Method, the error messages will appear.
Temporary Solution:
After running a script, before clicking the command window,
change your input method to any other input methods if your current method is Chinese;
or click one of the other window blocks first, such as workspace.

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