MATCONT- Error using odearguments

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Rose on 31 Mar 2017
Hello there,
My ultimate goal is to do a bifurcation analysis of my system for which I started to use Matcont. It gave me various different errors. So I stepped back and tried to simply solve the system to get a temporal plot just to see if it works. Although I am aware that i can solve a system using Matlab as well and I have actually done that. It works fine in Matlab. But when I tried it with Matcont, it gave me this error: " Error using odearguments(line 90) FUN_EVAL must return a column vector." The system that I am working on is:
R' = a - q*R -(u*q*V/(alpha +V))*R T' = q*R - d*T - k*T*V +(u*q*V/(alpha +V))*R + b*T*V/(alpha +V) I1' = k*V*T - e*I1 -m*I1+n*J V' = e*p*I1 - c1*V -k*T*V J' = m*I1 -n*J
where R,T,I1,V,J are coordinates and a,q,u,alpha,b,k,e,m,n,c1,p,d are parameters and their values are:
a = 20; q = .0001; u = 200; alpha = 1000; d = 1/87; b = 0.01; k= 0.0065; e = 0.25; m = 0.000001; n = 1; p = 20000; c= 100;
Initial data is R=2000, T=400, I1=0, V=0, J=0.
Please suggest where am i going wrong and how can I get away with this? Any help is appreciated.

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