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PS2PDF not working.

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Pradeep Murugan
Pradeep Murugan on 3 Apr 2017
Commented: Sudhanshu Nahata on 18 May 2017
Hello all, I am using PS2PDF with Ghostscript and appending multiple images to ps and converting into pdf. I get an error when i run it, the error is :
//Problem converting Postscript, system returned error 1. "" Is not a recognized internal or external command.//
I can convert it into postscript with print option and commenting out the ps2pdf, Please help me on this one.


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Jan on 3 Apr 2017
Edited: Jan on 3 Apr 2017
If you post the code you are using, an answer would not be based on guessing only.
I assume, the path of your file or executable contains a space. Then include the path in double quotes:
system('"C:\Program files\Ghost\ps2pdf" "C:\Folder with spaces\"')
(Of course this is an example only, adjust it to the real names.)


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Jan on 14 May 2017
@Sudhanshu Nahata: Now please explain, which code you use for ps2pdf. This function is not contained in my Matlab 2016b.
Sudhanshu Nahata
Sudhanshu Nahata on 18 May 2017
@Jan Simon: If you know of any other code which can do the job, I will be happy to use that one. I tried "export_fig" , but it takes a lot of time to print pdf file and the rendering has lot of issues.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 May 2017

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Sudhanshu Nahata
Sudhanshu Nahata on 18 May 2017
Hi Walter, thanks for the link. I did review it. I think he issue is still unresolved even after installing ghostscript. The error that I posted is after I install ghostscript and run "ps2pdf". My guess is the way I am installing ghostscript is not correct (directory issue) or there is something that needs to be tweaked in the "ps2pdf" script. I tried few options myself but none helped. I am using 2016b.

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