how to remove comma from certain items only from cell array with several items

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hey all, i'am new to matlab and i have a query. i have a single cell array as following:
this has some items in quotes and others without quotes. what i need to do is remove the ,(comma) character from only those numbers which are between quotes. so my final answer should look like:
i have tried all combination of strrep replaceBetween regexprep but could not get my head around this question. any help on this matter would be highly appreciated. thanks, azim

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 5 Apr 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 5 Apr 2017
This is easy with regexprep:
>> str = {'"98,786","103,630","95,758","99,871","106,916",494,361,"92,793","81,741","79,919","79,919",999,989,999'};
>> out = regexprep(str,'("\d+),(\d+")','$1$2')
out =
azim on 5 Apr 2017
beautiful answer...thanks for the help and the great explanation. i hope i become as good as you guys in coding.

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Jan on 5 Apr 2017
Edited: Jan on 5 Apr 2017
C = {['"98,786","103,630","95,758","99,871","106,916",494,361,"92,793",', ...
D = strsplit(C{1}, ',');
quoted = strncmp(D, '"', 1);
D(quoted) = strrep(D(quoted), ',', ''); % [EDITED] Typos
Str = sprintf('%s,', D{:});
CleanC = {Str(1:length(Str)-1)}; % remove trailing comma

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