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CVX optimization problem, radar signal( Golden code)

Asked by ahmed youssef on 7 Apr 2017
Latest activity Commented on by xiaopa
on 22 Apr 2019
Hi there, I have a problem for optimizing sidelobes of Golden code-127 after mismatched filter.
I have just 3 constraints.
first one to neglect trivial solution( work well).
The second for optimizaing sidelobe(work well).
the last one to maintain Loss in Power Gain (LPG) at somepoint.
if I comment the last constrain it gives me signal with sidelobe reduced by 1 dB.
if I put it, it gives me unfeasible solution. where is the mistake??
variables q(127,1) t
minimize t
subject to
for i=1:length(x_new1(:,1))
q'*q <=alpha*(s)*s' ;


Note that cvx is a third party toolbox
Why can't i solve the value of q?

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