Is there a way to label minor axis ticks in Matlab?

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I am using datetick() to display the x axis labels in months. I have added minor ticks as days. I would like to display the day of month just above the month tick label, but cannot find a way to label the minor ticks.
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Adam on 10 Apr 2017
Well, I think that is essentially the definition of a minor tick. If they had labels they'd be major ticks!
You can probably add your own text objects to the axes, but it would be more effort than you'd probably want even though they could be positioned mathematically in a loop or vectorised manner.

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Vandana Ravichandran
Vandana Ravichandran on 14 Apr 2017
Minor ticks are meant to be used without labels. Using the "XMinorTick" axes property, you can only control the visibility of minor ticks by setting it to on/off. There is no axes property that can be directly used to set the minor ticks 'labels.
You can possibly set "XMinorTick" to off and adjust XTick accordingly. Please refer this MATLAB answers post:

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