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Black Screen with rbbox or Simulink Model

Why does “rbbox” or clicking on a Simulink model causes black screen?

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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 4 Aug 2017
 Accepted Answer

In December 2016, Microsoft  released new updates that affect how “rbbox” and Simulink interacts with the Windows OS.  This resulted in part of the screen becoming black when using one of the following workflows:
  • When you just type “rbbox” at the MATLAB command line
  • When clicking on any white space within a Simulink  using MATLAB R2010b or earlier
This behavior is resolved by installing follow-up Microsoft Windows updates.  Below is the information about the updates that cause and resolve this issue. If you are unable to update your windows machine or the problem persist after updating, please contact MathWorks Technical Support.
Windows 10
      Version 1607: KB3213986 causes the issue. Updating to KB3216755 resolves the issue
       Version 1511: KB3210721 causes the issue. Updating to KB4013198 resolves the issue
Windows 8: Updating to KB3170455 resolves the issue
Windows 7: KB3207752 causes the issue. Update to latest KB version


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