How to create a buffer zone around a line?

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Kelly Kyriakou
Kelly Kyriakou on 14 Apr 2017
I want to create a buffer zone around the line and then to export the points that are located into the buffer zone to a shapefile. This is my code but the buffer zone isn't created:
readshp = shaperead('dT1_09_2015Bo2.shp')
surveyMeter = unitsratio('m','meter');
x1= surveyMeter*[readshp.X1];
y1= surveyMeter*[readshp.Y1];
hold on
% Data for line
xspmod = [409880:200:415000];
% plot the line
m = plot(xspmod',yspmod');
hold on
[lati,loti] = bufferm(xspmod',yspmod',1,'outPlusInterior');
mapshow(lati,loti, 'DisplayType','polygon','FaceColor', 'magenta')

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