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MatLab and new Web technologies

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Gaetan Boyals
Gaetan Boyals on 21 Apr 2017
Answered: Geoff McVittie on 9 Apr 2019
Hi everybody,
I am a young intern in a company which is providing sensors for automotive industry.
To replace the context, I'm asked to build a database regrouping all the Excel files their tests machines produces (for instance, Urea quality, T°C etc) but also an interface which will allow them to view those datas ploted or retrieve documents easily as they don't have any files management yet.
They also work closely with MatLab program (& scripts) to apply algorithms to said data. Moreover, they have protocols documents to describe the conditions of the tests etc.
I thought building a Web App to store/retrieve data, link protocols and raw data files and finally plot datas on a graph was a good idea ... at first.
Because I want to build this WebApp using new technologies emerging or that has been proven to be nice and efficient, such as the MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) or others stacks / technos (like ReactJS or so).
Is this "do-able", applying algorithms to docs via JS ? I read here and there that I had to use Java or NET technologies in order to do this, but is it really not do-able using full JS stack ?
Thanks for reading all through this, and thanks in advance for any of your advised answers :)

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Geoff McVittie
Geoff McVittie on 9 Apr 2019
This toolbox on the MathWorks File Exchange (Generate JavaScript Using MATLAB Coder - File Exchange - MATLAB Central) can compile MATLAB functions into JavaScript functions that can be run in a browser. For the moment, you will still have to write the HTML/CSS/Javascript glue to call the compiled functions, but the compiled functions should be completely compatible with the typical MEAN stack.


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