converting voxels to mm

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sapna jaiswal
sapna jaiswal on 24 Apr 2017
Commented: Rik on 24 Apr 2017
Hi Image Analyst, I am analysing MicroCT images for various 3D representations. The final output files give values in pixels. The voxel size of my images are 1x1x1(as I can see from the image properties). Could you please advice how to convert the output areas and volumes with units as mm or micrometers? Your advise would be of great help to me. Any idea how to use the matlab function in AVIZO fire to calculate this? Thanks
Rik on 24 Apr 2017
You need to check if the voxels are indeed cubic, and not another rectangular shape. If they are indeed 6.5*6.5*6.5, then you can simply multiply the number of voxels with the volume per voxel.
All scans should have some metadata (for medical data you can use dicominfo), so you should be able to verify the voxel volume. If there is no metadata, you should dig around in the scanner settings.

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