When does mcc/Application Compiler need a C-compiler?

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We want to create a standalone application from a GUI created with MATLAB R2015b 64bit. I was told that I need to install a C-compiler and call 'mex -setup' to configure MATLAB using this compiler. However, I could compile a simple test GUI with mcc as well as with the Application Compiler without installation of a C-compiler and running 'mex -setup'.
Can anybody tell me, when the additional C-compiler must be installed? I'd like to know it to avoid problems in the future.

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Nikhil Sreekumar
Nikhil Sreekumar on 28 Apr 2017
Hi Jette,
To compile a standalone application, a third party compiler is not required. However, to create C/C++ Shared libraries, Java classes or .Net assemblies, a third party compiler is required.

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