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Extract part of the plane by simulating a camera view

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Lorenzo Aldrighetti
Lorenzo Aldrighetti on 27 Apr 2017
Answered: Will Nitsch on 1 May 2017
Hi to everyone, I'm try to extract a portion of a 3D plane in order to simulate a video camera view.
For example, I have generate a random x,y and z plane (like a ground). I suppose to have a moving camera that face down respect to the plane at a certain height. How i can project the camera view in order to extract only a portion of plane that the camera see, supposing to have a certain focal length? My plane is define with 3 2x2 matrices, I attach an example

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Will Nitsch
Will Nitsch on 1 May 2017
Since in MATLAB you can know/define a camera object's position, viewing angle and camera target position (for more information on these, see the 'View' section of 'Axes Properties' documentation), you could do a bit of math to determine what data points fall within the 3D-2D projection and then extract them from the data set.
Axes 'View' Properties:
Some more information on imaging geometry that could be useful:

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