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I want to open appdesigner in editing mode in Matlab R2016b (academic version for windows). I do this by simply typing "appdesigner" in the command window, which I had done several times previously. Only now it does not open anything.
I can still open my app in non editing mode. Also all the other functions of Matlab are also working.
Before this problem occurred the appdesigner was really slow, when I restarted windows, the appdesigner didn't open.
Is there a solution for this bug? or is there an alternative way to open appdesigner?

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Kevin Gleason
Kevin Gleason on 4 May 2017
A possible workaround for this issue is to regenerate the MATLAB preferences directory and then try launching App Designer again as normal.
For instructions on regenerating the MATLAB preferences directory, please refer to the MATLAB Answers post below:
If this does not fix the issue, I recommend you contact MathWorks Technical Support
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Wouter Korbee
Wouter Korbee on 5 May 2017
Thanks Kevin,
This solved the issue

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