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Show in Listbox specific variables of workspace (GUI)

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Hello, I have two listboxes in a GUI and i would like to show in each one of my listbox different variables of my workspace. I tried doing :
function update_listbox(handles)
vars = evalin('base', 'who');
vars1 = evalin('base', 'name_var_wksp');
but it gives me the values of the variable and not the name, in the listbox. I would just like to have the string in the listbox in order to plot later. Using matlab R2013a.

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Megha Parthasarathy
Megha Parthasarathy on 17 May 2017
Refer to the example in this documentation page: Plot Workspace Variables in a GUIDE App
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Christine Abou Nasr
Christine Abou Nasr on 18 May 2017
Edited: Christine Abou Nasr on 18 May 2017
Actually I ended up finding the answer. In those examples i couldn't find what i was looking for.
The code that works would be to have in one listbox:
function update_listbox2(handles)
vars1 = evalin('base','who(''Var5'',''Var6'')');
set(handles.listbox2,'String', vars1)
And to have in the other listbox:
function update_listbox1(handles)
vars = evalin('base','who(''Var1'', ''Var2'',''Var3'',''Var4'')');
Var1, Var2.... being variables in the workspace.

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