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How can I plot a latitude / longitude point on a geotiff? (Without mapping toolbox.)

Asked by Jon
on 17 May 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Jon
on 18 May 2017
Accepted Answer by KSSV
Hi. I have some geotiffs in geographic coordinates (WGS84) from various areas around the globe. I also have a list of points, defined by coordinates, that mark points of interest.
How can I plot the geotiff, then plot all the points within the geotiff domain in their correct position? Ultimately I need the x,y position of each point within the geotiff image.
To make matters more complicated, I don't have the Mapping Toolbox. I am using geoimread from the FEX to read the geotiff image and metadata.
Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!


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1 Answer

Answer by KSSV
on 18 May 2017
 Accepted Answer

[A,x,y,I]=geoimread('your tif file') ;
x,y, are latitude and longitude vectors, A is your raster data. I is a structure which gives you complete information of the tiff file.

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Derp. I didn't notice that geoimread could return the latitude/longitude vectors as well. Thank you.

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