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How can I run a stopwatch in MATLAB and store time points in a variable by hitting a key on the keyboard?

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Sarah on 19 May 2017
Answered: Abhinav Gurram on 22 May 2017
I am collecting a continuous recording from a sensor, but I will only need certain segments of the recording. I want to use a stopwatch in MATLAB to record the start and stop times of the relevant segments of data from the sensor. I need a function that starts a timer when I push one key, then stores the timer value when I press another key and that stops the timer when I press a third key. I was going to use the tic and toc functions . . . how do I get MATLAB to store the time elapsed since the last tic when I hit a certain key on the keyboard? Thanks!

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Abhinav Gurram
Abhinav Gurram on 22 May 2017
As you rightly mentioned, the use of ' tic ' and ' toc ' functions seem best suited for your workflow. You can use any of the ways listed here: Ways to build apps to build an app, and have corresponding buttons for starting(tic) and stopping(toc) the timer. Furthermore, the 'tic' function can be used along with a variable to record time for simultaneous time spans. The variable, 'timerVal', has a value that is equal to the value of the internal timer at the execution of the 'tic' command. The 'tic' function can now be called as:
>>timerVal = tic
Afterward, you can use the 'toc' function to capture the elapsed time since the 'tic' command corresponding to 'timerVal' as:
>>elapsedTime = toc(timerVal);
You can associate the variable, 'elapsedTime' with a particular callback function that is executed when a keyboard key is pressed. The 'KeyPressFcn' might be a good way to capture the user's keyboard input. You can visit the following link for more information on how to write callbacks for apps:
  1. Write Callbacks for Apps Created Programmatically
  2. Write Callbacks in GUIDE
Hope this helps!

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