Problem with compiler C to use int16_t type for translation in Q15 format

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I have a problem with compiler C. I have this error message
Error using legacycode.LCT.legacyCodeImpl
The data type "int16_t" is neither a built-in data type, nor defined by
a Simulink.AliasType, Simulink.NumericType, Simulink.Bus object, or an
enumerated data type:
--> int16_t y1 = ControlloDig(int16_t u1)
Error in legacy_code (line 101)
[varargout{1:nargout}] = legacycode.LCT.legacyCodeImpl(action,
Error in Discretizza_controllo_generazione_sfun (line 77)
legacy_code('sfcn_cmex_generate', def);
I did a function that works in Q15 format but, when I use the script to compile it, Matlab shows an error on the data type "int16_t". If you need the other files i can upload them.

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Sebastian Kammer
Sebastian Kammer on 26 May 2017
Hi there,
I am afraid it will not be possible to provide a very helpful answer based on the limited information you have provided. The error message itself is not quite useful. Ideally you should provide a detailed explanation of:
  • What you are trying to do
  • How you are trying to do it
  • At what stage of the process you encounter the error
Just by looking at the error message, I am guessing that you are probably trying to use the Legacy Code Tool to build a C MEX S-function from some hand-written C code.
The main issue looks like the "int16_t" data type is not defined. One potential reason for this could be that you are missing a header file in your C code that contains the data type definition. Try adding the following "include" directive to your C code.
#include <tmwtypes.h>
I hope this helps.

Bisca on 27 May 2017
Hi Sebastian,
Thanks for the help, you guessed the problem. Sorry if I gave few details about the problem. I'm going to write an s-function for a dc-motor control. In particular, the s-function could be work in Q15 format and when i do this Matlab shows me that error. I try to do your suggest but the problem persist. I notice that the error disappear when I use only int16. For this reason, I think that the error is on the int16_t because Matlab doesn't reconize the datatype.
Now I write the code
clear all
close all
%%Gain PI
Ki = 4;
Kp = 1;
% ---------------------------------
% method = 'zoh';
contol's transfer function
PI=tf([Kp Ki],[1 0])
PI_discr=c2d(PI, Ts, method)
[numD, denD, Ts]=tfdata(PI_discr);
%%generazione codice versione con double
fID=fopen ('ControlloDig.h', 'wt');
fprintf(fID, '#include <stdint.h> \n\n');
fprintf(fID, '#include <tmwtypes.h> \n\n');
fprintf(fID, '#include <stdlib.h> \n\n');
fprintf(fID, '#ifndef _CONTROLLO_DIG_H_ \n');
fprintf(fID, '#define _CONTROLLO_DIG_H_ \n\n');
fprintf(fID, '#define Q15 \n\n');
fprintf(fID, '#define Q15(X) ((X < 0.0) ? (int16_t)(32768*(X) - 0.5) : (int16_t)(32767*(X) + 0.5)) \n\n');
fprintf(fID, '#define iQ15(X) ((X < 0.0) ? (double)(X+1)/32768.0 : (double)(X-1)/32767.0) \n\n');
fprintf(fID, '#define K (1 << (Q - 1)) \n\n');
fprintf(fID, 'static int16_t A[2]; \n');
fprintf(fID, 'static int16_t B; \n');
fprintf(fID, 'static int16_t ek=0; \n');
fprintf(fID, 'static int16_t uk=0; \n\n');
fprintf(fID, 'static int16_t ek_1=0; \n');
fprintf(fID, 'static int16_t uk_1=0; \n\n');
fprintf(fID, 'static int16_t y1=0; \n\n');
fprintf(fID, 'int16_t ControlloDig(int16_t ek); \n\n');
fprintf(fID, '#endif \n');
fclose (fID);
% per una guida più dettagliata, guarda link seguente:
def = legacy_code('initialize');
def.SourceFiles = {'ControlloDig.c'};
% def.HeaderFiles = {'Copy_of_ControlloDig.h'};
def.HeaderFiles = {'ControlloDig.h'};
def.SFunctionName = 'ControlloDigFun16';
def.OutputFcnSpec = 'int16_t y1 = ControlloDig(int16_t u1)';
def.SampleTime='parameterized'; % permette il settaggio dei parametri
legacy_code('sfcn_cmex_generate', def);
legacy_code('compile', def);
legacy_code('slblock_generate', def);

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