Heat Release Rate for IC Engine Spark ingnition (saifsalih1@gmail.com)

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</matlabcentral/answers/uploaded_files/79339/HRR%20CA%20Modify.jpg> Hello Every one I wrote a matlab code to find the heat release rate vs the crank angle from the pressure trace data and it looks like reasonable Now I want to integrate the heat release rate curve to get the heat release (I was told trapozed method) but I am not sure how to perform this integration in matlab Then I want to normalize the heat release curve to get the mass fraction burned The second question is how can I find the wiebe function parameters from the mass fraction burned (I need to do curve fitting but I am not sure how to do it (It looks like the matlab put some small circles over the curve to see the fitting ) Thank you

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Syah on 7 Jun 2017
Moved: Steve Miller on 7 Dec 2022
Hi Saif,
Yes, you can perform integration using trapezoidal method as below:
Q_hr( i ) = 1 / 2 * ( dQ_hr( i ) + dQ_hr( i + 1 ) ) * istep ; where istep is the crank resolution.
Then you can calculate the total amount of heat release. To get MBF just normalize it. Hope this answer your question.


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