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How can I use OpenMPI with Mathlab and 4 Nodes

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Pierrot10 on 2 Jun 2017
Good day, I am a very beginner with Mathlab and I have some lknoeledge with a cluster.
We have an older cluster which do not work as a cluster anymore. Each node act as a workstation but we still have infiniband and the node can communicate.
We also install OpenMPI on each node. I am managing 8 nodes and I installed Mathlab on all node. The first node, we consider it as the master node. We connect to node1 and run Matlab.
Now my manager asked me to make a demo. When we run Mathlab on Node1, I have to show to use the ressources of the other Nodes.
And I absolutely have now idea.
I would like to know, if there is some one who can write me small tuto/demo. For exemple a simple code with Mathlab doing a simple thing as "Hello Word" with the necessary code to print "hello Word" on the 4 other nodes.
My goal is to show how use the resource of one or more node when I run a script and I would like to write a small script to demonstrate.
Many thnak for your appreciated help

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