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Dear all, somebody knows how to open a .rrd file (round robin database file) with Matlab?. Thanks so much in advance. Alfredo

Im trying to analyze bandwith data from a communication link. This data is in rrd format.


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Answer by Nagarjuna Manchineni on 20 Jun 2017
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You can use rrdtool to get the data of the rdd file into XML format.
>> rrdtool dump filename.rrd
Once the XML is generated, you can import the XML directly into MATLAB and extract the data from that XML file, and do further analysis (like time-series plots etc..)
See the following link for more information on reading XML file in MATLAB:

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Thanks so much Nagarjuna. Im already download rrdtool application but have not enough skills to run rrdtool on my MAC.
Do you know what is the system environment that I need (on my MAC) and what command I need to execute >> rrdtool dump filename.rrd?
Thanks again Alfredo

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