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How to create a database of feature vectors for images?

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Elias Unk
Elias Unk on 18 Jun 2017
Commented: Elias Unk on 19 Jun 2017
I have a database of around 4 classes each consistent of around 50 images.I created a features vector on matlab to extract the features i need from each image.My question is how to create the database of vectors for all the images to then train them per class .

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KSSV on 19 Jun 2017
N = 50 ; % number of fimages
C = 4 ; % number of classes
%%loop for each image
iwant = cell(N,C) ;
for i = 1:N
%%Extract the features of images,
iwant{i,1} = rand(10) ;
iwant{i,2} = rand(5) ;
iwant{i,3} = rand(6) ;
iwant{i,4} = rand(11) ;
%%Rows corresponds to each image, and columns correspon to each class of the respective image
Elias Unk
Elias Unk on 19 Jun 2017
nope i have 1 feature vector of 110 elements i just combined all the features extraction in 1 final vector so that each image will have only 1 vector extracted of it formed of 110 elements that i then normalized and transformed to 1 element,hope that made you better understand the issue.

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