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Improving speed of line plotting

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Thomas Marullo
Thomas Marullo on 23 Jun 2017
Edited: dpb on 24 Jun 2017
Is there any way to improve the speed of plotting 1000 lines at once? I am drawing an animation of a wireframe building using some external data which takes 0.05 seconds to acquire. In the following function, X and Y are set up to have coordinate pairs for 1000 lines, X and Y are type 2x1000 double. The issue is that I'm getting like 3fps. Was hoping to get something like 10-15fps. I tried doing a scatter plot of just the coordinates to see how that would work and scatter is much faster, getting like 25fps but then I just have coordinate points. Need to have the connecting lines to show the building.
Just FYI, I also tried using 'plot' instead of 'line' and I get the same response.
while (true)
% Acquire some new coordinates (takes 0.05 seconds from data acquisition)
X = %some new data%;
Y = %some new data%;
line (X,Y,'LineWidth',[1.0],'Color',[0 0 1]);

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dpb on 23 Jun 2017
Yes, you can do better than calling line over and the section <Animation> in the doc for starters. Probably just updating the '[X|Y]Data' properties will be what you'll want for your purposes, but be good to look over the alternatives discussed there.

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