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How to fit curve using derivatives as a constraint

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Suzie Oman
Suzie Oman on 8 Jul 2017
Commented: Suzie Oman on 10 Jul 2017
Hi there -
I'm working on fitting points to a surface to find the next point on the surface but need the derivatives to match up. How can I do this?
This would be in 3D and I am currently using the fit function.
Suzie Oman
Suzie Oman on 10 Jul 2017
Perhaps I am doing a bad job explaining.
The problem isn't the equation but how to interpolate the next point, creating a smooth surface without any derivative changes and having continuity in 3D. Right now, I am capable of doing the continuity in 2D - either x-z, or y-z but not x-y-z.
Does that make any more sense?

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