Comparison of two plots - experimental and model results

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Dear Colleagues,
I am trying to calculate the min, max and mean error between two plots. One plot is based on experimental data and the other plot is based on model data. The matrix length of experimental and model data is different. Can anyone guide me how I can calculate the deviation between two plots? Thank you in advance!
Best regards, Muhammad Imran

Answers (1)

dbmn on 12 Jul 2017
Edited: dbmn on 12 Jul 2017
One thing you could do is to set both datasets on the same time-base f.ex.
% Model Data x1, y1
% Experiment Data x2, y2
y2_new = interp1(x2,y2,x1);
this gives you 2 new sets of the same length (and you can do your analysis)
% Model Data x1, y1
% Experiment Data x1, y2_new

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