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closeRequestFcn for Matlabs main window

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Hello toghether,
i have some variables, that i want to have saved, when matlab is closed? I know startup.m is a script, which is executes at matlabs startup, but is there something similar for matlabs shutdown?
Thank you for your help


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Rafael Kübler
Rafael Kübler on 13 Jul 2017
Never mind. I found the solution. If there is a file called finish.m it the searchpath or in the current folder, matlab executes it when its closed.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 13 Jul 2017
finish.m is one approach, but it does assume that you always want to run the same code every time MATLAB exits. What if you started MATLAB but didn't create the variables that finish.m expected to save?
If you want MATLAB to prompt you before closing so you can perform more general cleanup operations, open the Preferences (in the Environment section of the Home tab of the Toolstrip) and expand the MATLAB > General > Confirmation Dialogs entry. One of the dialogs you can enable is "Confirm before exiting MATLAB". By default is is not enabled.

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