How can I stream data form MATLAB to Simulink in real time?

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I was trying to use S-function block but, it gathers the value one at the beginning of the simulation. I want to stream the data continuously in real-time How can I get the data continuously in real-time is there some stuff I have to add in my S-function in order to get that?

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Ankitha Kollegal Arjun
Ankitha Kollegal Arjun on 25 Jul 2017
The following documentation might guide you in the right direction:

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Larasmoyo Nugroho
Larasmoyo Nugroho on 12 Sep 2017
get_param('tesloopsimin/Constant','Value') ==> MDL=tesloopsimin.mdl, block=Constant, parameter=Value
get_param('tesloopsimin/Sine Wave','DialogParameters') ==> show parameter existed in block
find_system('tesloopsimin','Type','Block') ==> show block existed in MDL

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