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How to record the neighbors of each vertex of a 3D mesh model?

Asked by Mohsin Shah on 24 Jul 2017
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Given the vertex list which contain the indices of vertices, x-axis coordinate, y-axis coordinate, and z-axis coordinate, and the face list defines the polygon faces which are simply lists of indices into the vertex list, and each face begins with a count of the number of elements in each list. Two vertices are termed neighbors if one edge connects them so that the vertices in the same face are co-neighbors, thus we can record the neighbors for each vertex by traversing the face list in order to find the faces which contain the given vertex. Table below explain the vertex and face lists. How to record the neighbors of each vertex using the find or any other command?


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1 Answer

Answer by KSSV
on 24 Jul 2017

Read about knnsearch

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