How can i create a multiport network from several 3 port( or more) s-parameters matrixes (rf toolbox)

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Need to write script for calculation s-parameters of multiport network made of connected smaller multiport networks using measured/computed s-parameters matrixes . What is the best way for this?
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John BG
John BG on 25 Jul 2017
Edited: John BG on 25 Jul 2017
should the script strictly work on imported data?
or do you intend to control a test instrument?
If so have you already checked that you can control the instrument from MATLAB in separate computer?
John BG

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MathWorks RF & Mixed-Signal Products Team
You can write a script to import the S-parameters files with the command
s1 = sparameters('filename.s3p')
and then add the S-parameters to a circuit network
hckt = circuit('example');
add(hckt, [1 2 3], s1);
Add as many networks as you want and connect them according to the desired topology.
Define the analysis ports of the network, the frequency, and then compute the S-parameters:
setports(hckt, [1 0], [2 0], [3 0]);
freq = linspace(1e3, 1e6, 100);
Sout = sparameters(hckt, freq, 50);
an example is given here:

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