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"pidtune" function is not working even if I have PID Tuner, Control System Design Toolbox installed

Asked by Bo Shang on 27 Jul 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Bo Shang on 28 Jul 2017
Hello I am using MATLAB 2017a. I have used "pidtune" function in MATLAB previous versions. However, in MATLAB 2017a, the system can not find "pidtune". Did I miss something? Thanks, Bo


Which version of MATLAB did you last try the pidtune command? I checked the documentation and the release notes but couldn't find something there about any change in how you call this function. Are you sure you are not looking for the pidTuner command instead?
I think it was MATLAB 2016 a or b. I am sure it is not pidTuner. I have answered this question. It was just the feedback message confused me.

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Answer by Bo Shang on 28 Jul 2017
 Accepted Answer

I tried the example in the doc and it worked. I think it is really strange that the system says 'Undefined function' when I did not provide enough parameters. The feedback should be parameter not correct.


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