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How to convert RigidBodyTree made with Matlab 2017 to Matlab 2016b?

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Robert Thiel
Robert Thiel on 31 Jul 2017
Answered: Vishal Neelagiri on 3 Aug 2017
Hello, is there an easy way to do it? I used the importrobot(youbot.urdf) function for the kuka youbot model in Matlab2017 to create the RigidBodyTree but at school there is only Matlab2016b available. Just save RigidBodyTree and import does not work.
Thanks for any help.

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Vishal Neelagiri
Vishal Neelagiri on 3 Aug 2017
The only difference that I could find between the 'robotics.RigidBodyTree' objects in R2016b and R2017a is the addition of 'BaseName', 'Gravity' and 'DataFormat' properties in R2017a.
I would recommend that you use the 'importrobot' function in R2017a and then extract out the remaining object properties like 'NumBodies', 'Bodies', 'Base' and 'BodyNames' into a MAT file and then create an object of class 'robotics.RigidBodyTree' in R2016b and manually input the properties from the MAT file.

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