How do I delete the timer generated by the tic function?

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When connecting to an arduino, oftentimes a timer will interrupt any commands I might have. Therefore, I've been deleting timers from my code and the arduino works well.
However, one process I have uses tic, but toc still returns the number of seconds from tic, even when I implement delete(timerfindall). Any hard clear-all functions that can do this for me?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Aug 2017
does not create any timers. tic does the equivalent of
function current_time = tic
global tic_latest_time
current_time = now();
if nargout == 0
tic_latest_time = current_time;
and toc does the equivalent of
function elapsed_time = toc(tic_time)
global tic_latest_time;
current_time = now();
if nargin > 0
elapsed_time = current_time - tic_time;
elapsed_time = current_time - tic_latest_time;
except that a 64 bit integer timer is used instead of now(), and the resulting 64 bit difference is scaled into seconds.

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