Can I use "Simulink Verification and Validation" on R2015A?

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I would like to use "Simulink Verification and Validation" on R2015A. But, this ToolBox has been added at R2016B. Can I use this ToolBox on R2015A?

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Sailesh Sidhwani
Sailesh Sidhwani on 1 Sep 2017
Hi Takanobu,
Looking at the release notes, Simulink Verification and Validation was actually released in R2006b but with a limited functionality. So you can use the said toolbox with R2015a.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to use later releases of toolbox on a previous MATLAB release. So if you want to use all the current features in Simulink Verification and Validation, you would have to upgrade MATLAB to the latest release.
Following is a link for release notes for this particular toolbox:


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