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How to draw a bar plot with different colors and several groups

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Itzik Ben Shabat
Itzik Ben Shabat on 31 Aug 2017
Commented: Itzik Ben Shabat on 31 Aug 2017
I want to plot a bar graph which summarizes algorithms performance has three main parameters 1. Publication year (the x axis) 2. Data type (bar color) 3. Algorithm score ( bar height)
Here is an example data:
dtypes = {'type1','type2','type3'}; %All of the possible data types
methods_name = {'method1','method2','method3'};
methods_accuracy = [89.2, 95.54, 85];
methods_year = [2016, 2017, 2016] ;
methods_dtype = {'type1', 'type2', 'type2'};
Here I wish to get 3 bars, 2 of which in the year 2016 with different colors and one in 2017 with a color matching to one from 2016.
For some reason, I can't seem to do what I want using the
function. It seems simple but I think I am missing something regarding to how this function works.


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KL on 31 Aug 2017

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Itzik Ben Shabat
Itzik Ben Shabat on 31 Aug 2017
I saw this one. In their data, each example has its own class. So this would hav worked for me if each paper was in a different year. But in my case there may be several methods in the same year.

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