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Surface to Tetrahedral Mesh

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Mario Koddenbrock
Mario Koddenbrock on 1 Sep 2017
Does anybody know a way to generate a tetrahedral mesh from the surface of a geometrc object?
I only got 1D and 2D elements (nodes, lines, triangles) in 3D space and want to generate tetrahedrons out of it.
I know that it's not always possible, but I think it should be possible if the lines and triangles are building a valid surface.
Thanks for any hint....
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Mario Koddenbrock
Mario Koddenbrock on 6 Sep 2017
Okay, i found this:
Shewchuk, Jonathan Richard. "Constrained Delaunay Tetrahedralizations and Provably Good Boundary Recovery." IMR. 2002. ( PDF download. )

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