Why don't I see my PARROT minidrone listed in the Bluetooth detected devices?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 6 Sep 2017
Before scanning for Bluetooth devices , ensure that:
  • Minidrone is powered on.
  • Both the LEDs are green and stabilized. 
When you scan for Bluetooth devices, the name of the Parrot Rolling Spider minidrone appears either as :
  1. MAC address of the minidrone. For ex- A0:14:3D:4B:10:5F
  2. RS_Xyyyyyy where X is the color of the minidrone. For ex- if your Rolling Spider is White in color, it might appear as RS_W129611.
In cases when you scan for the minidrone, first the name appears as the MAC address and after some time it automatically changes to RS_Xyyyyyy.
Please note that in case of Windows, the minidrone should be listed under “Audio & Video Devices” for the connection to be successful. If the minidrone is not listed under “Audio & Video Devices”, try searching again and wait for it to appear.

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