How to use Simscape Mutlibody in accelerator Mode?

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Hi Guys. I have a bit complicated model combines between simulink and simscape multibody. In the simulink I have many zero crossing because I am using PWM generation, and usually it has zero crossing. So, I am using Accelerator Mode. When I get to combine both models, I receive an error that multibody doesn't support accelecrator mode, and I have to turn visualisation off!!! Could you please give me more explanation about this problem and how to sort it out? Regards.

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Brandon Eidson
Brandon Eidson on 11 Sep 2017
Hey Karem, I think what you are experiencing is expected behavior.  Simscape Multibody visualization using the Mechanics Explorer is only supported in the "Normal" simulation mode.  As mentioned in the documentation linked-to below, there are other circumstances in which visualization is not supported.
If you have a model that simulates fine in normal mode, but the simulation does not run in accelerator mode, I suggest creating a new case with MathWorks Technical Support.  Please provide them with the exact error message you are receiving and all files steps necessary to reproduce the error.
Brandon Eidson
Brandon Eidson on 15 Sep 2017

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