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How can I use my cellphone as a webcam for Image recognition?

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Luis J Zuluaga Betancur
Luis J Zuluaga Betancur on 14 Sep 2017
Hello everyone, the problem is that my webcam seems not to work on Windows10 (iSlim 300x), and what I needed to do is to capture video and detect anything and use it to control the GUI. The lines where I captured video are these:
set(video, 'ReturnedColorSpace', 'rgb');
But as I said, it's not working on Windows10, so I tried to capture video with IpWebcam Apk, like this:
url = '';
ri = imread(url);
fh = image(ri);
ri = imread(url);
But it just doesn't work, so I was wondering if there's another way to do so, to get a stream directly, not just a bunch of pictures, in order to use the 'video' variable as I was using it. Or perhaps if there's a way to make the webcam work on W10 (I've tried almost everuthing), that would be swell. Thanks a lot.

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