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rotation matrix between two coordinate systems matlab

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ha ha
ha ha on 14 Sep 2017
Edited: ha ha on 20 Sep 2017
I have a coordinate system A
Example: 3 principal vector direction of system A are:
e0= [0.3898 -0.0910 0.9164]
e1= [0.6392 0.7431 -0.1981]
e2= [-0.6629 0.6630 0.3478]
And, I have a cartesian coordinate system B with three unit vector
nx=[1 0 0]
ny=[0 1 0]
nz=[0 0 1]
How can i find transformation matrix between two coordinate systems A & B ?

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 16 Sep 2017
E = [e0; e1; e2]
is the transformation matrix already for the rotation. There seems to be a translation of the origin in addition, such that you need to add this vector afterwards also.
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ha ha
ha ha on 20 Sep 2017
i think my question is not clear. Please see my new question:

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