How do i use the timer function to execute a script at 06:00hrs each day monday through friday

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I currently have the following but i want this to occur each day at the same time
T1 =timer(TimerFcn','myscriptname')

Accepted Answer

Jan on 15 Sep 2017
Using a timer requires your computer to be not in sleep mode and Matlab must be running. This is rather inefficient for a "each day" job. A scheduled task (Windows) or cron job (Linux/Mac, also systemd) might be a better solution. You can either compile the Matlab code or start Matlab with the -r switch to start a specific function or script.
See e.g. for waking up a Windows PC by a scheduled task. Afterwards e.g. can set the computer to sleep again, or let Windows decide this with the standard methods after a certain period of time.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Sep 2017
Set up the timer with TasksToExecute infinite and Period 60*60*24 and execution mode FixedRate.

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