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How to select eaach element from a matrix multiplication with bus selector

Asked by Payam
on 26 Sep 2017
Latest activity Commented on by KL
on 27 Sep 2017
Accepted Answer by KL
I have a nxn Jacobian matrix and a nx1 vector that I multiplied and the result is a nx1 vector. I need to select each element there. Does anyone know how to select these with for instance bus selector? Becouse I need to do some operations with each element.
Matlab R2014b
Thanks in advance


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1 Answer

Answer by KL
on 26 Sep 2017
Edited by KL
on 26 Sep 2017
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If you want us to help, you should explain more than just "does not work" or "not sure".
Kl. The reason a bus selector does not work is that bus selector should have a bus creator before. Otherwise bus selector does not know what signal to choose. The demux works good but I had to double control it by reading lines of outputs. But for now it works good and we can now close this.
Indeed, that's exactly the advantage of using bus over just mux. Nevertheless glad it all worked out.

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