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Averaging an image

Asked by Niranjan on 20 Mar 2011

A basic Image Processing question . How can I average the values or RGB for an input color image? If the input is a color image, the output I need is just the average value of RGB in the entire image. How can I do it?


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 20 Mar 2011
 Accepted Answer

One possible interpretation:


Another possible interpretation:

mean(reshape(YourImage, size(YourImage,1) * size(YourImage,2), size(YourImage,3)))

Which you choose depends on whether you need the average R separate from the average G and average B (second expression) or if you are looking for the single over-all average value (first expression.)


I want only a single value of RGB as an output for the entire image. I can't understand your second expression but that gave me this.
[ 120.2294 115.3884 118.1661 ]
Is this what I am looking for? Please clarify me.
I am doing this operation in order to average an image ,to calculate the average value of RBG in the entire image.

Do you want the average R, the average G, and the average B? If so, that's what the second expression gives.

If you want a single value that averages the intensity of _everything_, then that is what the first expression gives.

If you want a simpler version of the second expression, it would be


Jan Simon
on 21 Mar 2011

Or even simpler for RGB images: mean(reshape(YourImage, [], 3))

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