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Morphological Method to Remove Tails of Ellipse Shape Sperms

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Peyman Ghasemi
Peyman Ghasemi on 3 Oct 2017
Reopened: Peyman Ghasemi on 3 Oct 2017
Hi all;
I have used Otsu Thresholding in order to get the attached image (sperm Images). I want to segment the sperm heads. The problem is about the tails depicted in the image. I have some ellipse-like sperm heads that sometimes lines (or other extra parts) are attached to them. I need a morphological method (or any other methods) to remove the extra parts from binary image so that just "ellipse" or "circle"-like objects remain. In other words "Is there any morphological process that is sensitive to the shape of the objects?".
Is there any way to do this, without changing the ellipse-like heads of the sperms?
Thank you very much;


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