how to connect or interface the Quandl with MATLAB?

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I would like to develop the portfolio. So that i need Quandl tool, kindly help me to connect the Quandl with MATLAB...

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Jens De Pelsmaeker
Jens De Pelsmaeker on 1 Dec 2017
Hey Raj,
is this what you are looking for?
All the best, Jens

raj on 7 Dec 2017
Hello Jens,
I tried this, but unable to connect. Could you able to tell, how to install this. Pl guide me.
Jens De Pelsmaeker
Jens De Pelsmaeker on 9 Dec 2017
One thing I remember I had to fix; inside the file 'api.m' of the package, they still make use of the outdated syntax of urlread2, namely 'urlread2.urlread2()', this needs to be replaced by just 'urlread2()' and then it works like a charm!

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