I have a text file contains a diffrent directories of video data, but now I don't know how to read those directories line by line from this text file and pass it to a function of reading video, I wish you guys can help me

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mohammed alalas
mohammed alalas on 10 Oct 2017
Answered: Eric on 9 Nov 2017
video1 = VideoReader('E:\video\original.avi');

Accepted Answer

Eric on 9 Nov 2017
It sounds like your question is less about video files and more about how to read a text file containing a list of filepaths to videos that you then want to use to create video reader objects. This should do the trick:
myFile = fopen('MyVideos.txt');
myVidPaths = textscan(myFile,'%s');
for i = 1:numel(myVidPaths{1})
video(i) = VideoReader(myVidPaths{1}{i});

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