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How to implement resource schedules in SimEvents?

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Jose Parga
Jose Parga on 11 Oct 2017
Commented: Jose Parga on 17 Oct 2017
Is there a way to schedule resources in SimEvents? I am trying to model a manufacturing system were there are operators and machines. The operators can only work at certain hours but the machines can theoretically work all day. How would I implement this?
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Meeshawn Marathe
Meeshawn Marathe on 17 Oct 2017
Edited: Meeshawn Marathe on 17 Oct 2017
Please go through this SimEvents example on Job Scheduling and Resource Estimation for a Manufacturing Plant. It will give you an overview of modeling a manufacturing plant too.
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Jose Parga
Jose Parga on 17 Oct 2017
I have looked at it but this is a continuous schedule. I need something were the people only work 8 hours a day rather than 24/7. Is there a function block to implement this? Or would I need us a gate block and every 16 hours it causes the process involving people to stop?

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