Interpolation in 3d Matrix along 3rd Dimension

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Hello I have a MIMO channel matrix(Rx,Rt,subchannels) and I want to interpolate the channel response for all data positions from the vector containing the pilot locations, How can I do this. Hope I have clarified the question. Any help would be much appreciated
Best Regards, Waheeb
Waheeb Butt
Waheeb Butt on 13 Oct 2017
Sorry for the confusing question. I will try to explain better. the 3D matrix is A(4,4,Pilot) where pilot=[11,39,53,75,89,117]. I want to interpolate A in 3rd Dimension to get B(4,4,Data), where Data=[6,7,8,...,122]. Hope I have explained it better this time. Your help would be appreciated. cheers :)

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